The Complete Emergency Bed System for:

 Public Health Departments • Hospitals • Coroners • Fire Departments • Police Departments • Bariatric • Disaster Preparedness • Surge Capacity Preparedness • Alternate Care Treatment Facilities • Military Use

Full Treatment Bed

Portable and easy to use stainless steel emergency bed most commonly used for medical surge capacity. Converts to Workstation on WheelsMass Casualty Rack and Pediatric Bed with optional conversion kits.

CSI Table

The E-BED CSI table is a 100% medical grade stainless steel workstation. This product can be used in the field during medical surge or in a command station with no worries of contamination. The CSI table is perfect for a police or fire command workstation.

Bariatric Chair Bed

The E-BED Bariatric Chair-Bed is a great product for a bariatric needs in a hospital, surgery center or evacuation center. It’s comfortable, supportive, and portable for patient transfers.