“In the world of disaster response, the best solutions are simple, adaptable and reliable. EBEDs meet all three requirements. The design team anticipated a wide range of needs and came up with options that make sense. Their equipment can be easily stored, rapidly deployed and it is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of improvisational field medicine. I am impressed.”

-Dan Diamond, MD
Director, Medical Triage Unit
The New Orleans Convention Center

“Of all the response-ready medical beds/cots we have tested, the EBED is the best built and utilizes the highest of quality materials. The EBED provides a single surface that can be used to rest a patient, transport a patient, and perform procedures on a patient — benefiting both the patient and the caregiver. Easy decontamination and a relatively small storage footprint makes it an obvious choice for disaster response — and its quality materials will endure for many years to come.”


Used by Agencies Worldwide